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“Debbie Friend is a wellness guru. She is an insightful, positive and reflective professional that brings exceptional content value on various health and wellness topics. Debbie is a warm, genuine presenter with an upbeat presentation style. Recently she provided a Stress Busters webinar to our organization of around 400 employees. The event was fresh and relevant and was delivered in a way that “hit home: to our employees. It got fantastic feedback. I think the differentiator in partnering with Debbie is that she truly cares about making a positive impact in people’s lives. That mantra comes across in everything she does. We would definitely use Debbie again and again and again for our wellness initiatives.”

Mark Malis,

Vice President Human Resources, Liaison Technologies



“I just experienced Debbie’s Laughter Yoga program at our Business Enrichment Group. I have to say that I was hesitant at first but you got me to laugh like I haven’t laughed in a very long while. Thank you so much! Not only did I feel so much better than I did before you started, you even helped me get rid of my headache. 

“I would recommend to anyone to try Debbie Friend’s Laughter Yoga.” 

Markus Loving, Founder of


“The Laughter Yoga program presented at the Buffalo Grove Fitness Center exceeded my expectation! I could not visualize how laughter and yoga aligned or imagine the myriad of benefits. I left the class feeling upbeat, recharged, and energized! Debbie Friend is an incredible facilitator, and she shared a ton of information and tools that I now incorporate in my regular yoga practice.”

Adriane Johnson


(As) a manager at a large Chicago-based company, with many organizational changes occurring, I thought it (would) benefit the organization to bring in Debbie to hold a Laughter Yoga session…Debbie did a wonderful job holding the attention of all 50 participants. They were fully engaged and followed along in all the exercises…you could tell that there was a higher level of energy around the room.

This is a great session to offer employees in any environment. It taught them exercises and techniques that they could practice during any type of “stressful” situation. Many of the employees (even) asked when Debbie was coming back! I would highly recommend this to any company, small or large.

Steve Elster


Laughter Yoga is INCREDIBLE! Debbie Friend came out to our Relay for Life event to have a session with our participants in June 2013. After our event, it was obvious that Laughter Yoga had been one of the best activities of the night. This month at our committee meeting for Relay for Life, we wanted a way for our members to relax before our evening meeting, as well as to bond as an organizational family. We immediately thought of Debbie Friend and Laughter Yoga.

And boy did it do wonders for our group! I don’t think any of us have laughed so hard in a long time and the bond that our committee already had was escalated to a new level. Now, I’m already thinking of other groups that would benefit from such a fabulous experience. Many thanks to Debbie Friend and her unique, relaxing, and memorable Laughter Yoga! Can’t wait for another opportunity to participate!

Kristina Eddy, American Cancer Society – Relay for Life


Debbie is fantastic with people of all ages. Her warm and comforting smile makes everyone feel relaxed. After 9 months of refusing to step foot into the Karate workout area, Debbie was able to persuade a young adult with developmental disabilities to enter, engage and work toward earning her first belt.

Caren Kaplan


Debbie Friend is very friendly, open and enthusiastic. She was very comforting to our guests and they felt comfortable talking with Debbie. She has a calming personality to her which is wonderful for our guests. She provides a wonderful discussion on stress management that everyone should listen to! Thanks Debbie!

Kim Onnen

Assistant Director, Heartland Spa


Don’t miss out on this experience!!!!!! Debbie did a “Yoga Laughing Session” with our office group. We had a person come in that day that was so stressed. You could almost feel the weight of the world on her shoulders. We all saw an amazing transformation in our co-worker. We were laughing and felt the ease of frustration all leaving our stressed out minds and bodies. But our co-worker, she jumped up after the “Yoga Laughing Session” beaming with an ear-to-ear smile. We all found her smile incredibly contagious. It was as though the person that had the most stress, released it with such energy, it took us all by surprise. There was something unique about the experience; it was special but it also had a uniting factor among the group, something I didn’t expect. I had entered with skepticism, but left with soft shoulders, general peace and calmness, and a lot more confidence in the power of laughter.

Diane L. Powers, Director of Sales


Debbie Friend conducted a Laughter Yoga session with a diverse group of women my firm has been working with. Many of these women had been out of work for many months and have had tremendous hardship. Our goal was to provide stress relief during a very trying time of their lives. The Laughter Yoga session Debbie facilitated surpassed my expectations as well as many of those who participated. Debbie worked within the time (only 45 minutes) and facility parameters (conference room) provided. During this short time, we witnessed an amazing transformation of naysayers into positive, optimistic individuals that left the meeting refreshed and recharged. I credit Debbie for choosing the appropriate activities for this group and thank her profoundly for providing this excellent session. 

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Cori Noel-Sieber, CMP


Debbie is the warmest, friendliest person you will ever meet. Her presence in the room is automatically calming. The classes she leads are fun filled and relaxing. She is very focused on the needs of her students and knows precisely how to tailor the class to meet everyone’s individual needs. I always feel better about myself when I leave her class.

Caren K., ACT Karate


Debbie, Thanks for making us laugh until the cows came home! You’re the best!!!

Saint Mary’s Women’s Club


It was great that Health Waves coordinated this session and brought it to the campus. Here we talk so much about engagement, and the real theme behind engagement is that happy workers are more productive workers. The whole site would benefit more from activities like this that promote positivity at the workplace. More sessions of this type or similar is a win-win for the company. Surprisingly I was able to loosen up and relax during this class. I felt that it gave me more energy throughout the rest of the day.

Testimonials from participants at Northrup Grumman laughter yoga session for employees


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